KCC info

Why Kucoin?

Kucoin community chain (KCC) released recently and it is very promising chain. BoneSwap would like to take this opportunity to expand our dApps.
BoneSwap will deploy the following products on KCC

What is related b/w BONE on Polygon and BONE on KCC?

Technically, different chain, different coin. so BONE on KCC is difference with polygon. and so far there is no bridge from BONE polygon to BONE KCC - this bridge is in plan of next month and will announce later

What happen with BONE on polygon?

BONE on polygon is still going on with DEX next week, all farming normally, still get support, and develop in future as the roadmap

How about the roadmap Polygon DEX and Fantom?

It's still in our plan, but we just want to take advantage in the new platform like KCC for the long term dApps, so KCC will be released first, all other thing will come later.
Due the workload on KCC, we will delay the deployment of DEX on Polygon one more week (July 23, 2021).
Last modified 4mo ago