KCC Tokenomics
KCC Tokenomics
  • Token symbol: BONE
  • Token contract: 0x6C1B568A1D7Fb33DE6707238803F8821E9472539
  • Chain: Kucoin Community Chain
  • Max Supply: 5,000,000 BONE
  • Emission: 1.8 BONE per block reduce 0.2 BONE every 2 days until 0.2 BONE per block.
  • Pre-minted: 20,000 BONE for setup liquidity
    • 20000 BONE + $10000
  • Farming fee distribution:
    • 40% for BONE shares (stake BONE and earn other tokens such as KCS,...)
    • 20% for marketing
    • 40% for further development
    We do not plan to use the deposit fee to buy back and burn. It is a waste of money. Instead, we will use part of the fee to redistribute to the BONE Shares to encourage holding BONE
BoneSwap development wallet will receives 10% of the emission rate. Mostly will be burned, the left will be used in partnership, to pay the community team/influencers.
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